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Staying Fit On Holiday

August 11, 2017
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With summer holidays in full swing I thought doing a post about my top tips to stay fit and healthy on holiday. Lets face it holidays are generally not healthy between; airport fast food, all-you-can-eat buffets and the classic “I’m on holiday attitude”. As a result, we tend to indulge a little more than maybe we should. However, holidays are a time to relax and enjoy yourself but it doesn’t mean that you should forget all the good habits you’ve learned and un-do all your hard work getting into shape. I wont sit here and preach about how I find it easy to stay fit and healthy on holiday but will share a few tips to help you stay on track and still have fun!

Morning Sweat

I generally like to start every day with a workout. Whether that be a weights session in the hotel gym, or a run outside. I find the morning works better as not only will it be cooler outside but it also means I have the whole day to enjoy with friends or family (plus they normally haven’t even woken up yet!). You probably wont want to spend hours in the gym so HIIT sessions are quick and effective ways to work up a sweat. Running for me is my favourite way to get a workout in while away. Not only will you feel great after but you’ll also get to explore the local area and see places you may not necessarily go to.


Pack Some Equipment

No access to a gym and couldn’t think of anything worse than going on a run? Then a resistant band and a skipping rope are your new best friends. Whenever I go away I make sure I have both of mine packed in my case. Not only can you work up a killer body weight workout, but they also take up minimal space in your suitcase. Win win!

Choose Wisely

Since you’re eating out all day every day, it can be hard to control your food intake. However, just try to make the healthiest choices you can at the majority of your meals. For example If you know you’re going to your favourite place for dinner where you know you’ll want to fully indulge just make sure that you’ve made healthy decisions for your breakfast and lunch. Focus on consuming lean protein, complex carbohydrates, healthy fats and lots of greens. Don’t be afraid to ask for changes to your meal such as asking to have the dressing on the side or swapping French fries for salad. Most restaurants are happy to tailor to your needs and nutritional requirements if you ask.


Stay Hydrated

Regardless if you are travelling to a hot country or not, it is essential to ensure that you are drinking enough water. Aim to drink around 2 litres, of water everyday. Most supermarkets will stock big 2 litre bottles of water which you can pick up for a very cheap price to sip on throughout the day. Thirst is often confused as hunger so keeping on top of your water intake will help curb your hunger and stop you over-eating. Bypass the bread basket It’s often difficult to resist when a complimentary bread basket is placed infront of you and you’re waiting for your meal to arrive. These breads are also often served with oils or butters which can quickly add calories on to what may seem like a simple little appetiser. If you don’t think you will be able to resist the smell of fresh bread, simply ask the waiter to take the basket away.

Cut down on cocktails

Alcohol, especially cocktails, are loaded with empty calories and sugar which can easily undo the hard work you’ve been putting in to your healthy eating. Don’t get me wrong I love a mojito (or two) while relaxing in the sunshine, but I wouldn’t drink them on tap. Try to limit your cocktails to one a day and then if you still want to carry on drinking opt for spirits with soda or tonic, or even a nice glass of wine with your dinner. If beer is your drink of choice then how about trying out the ‘light’ version which has a lower percentage of alcohol, on top of a lower amount of calories!


Don’t Worry

The reason why you train so hard and eat a balanced diet the majority of the time is so that you can enjoy these special occasions stress-free. Please don’t pressure yourself to be perfect. Life is for living and your healthy lifestyle doesn’t need to stop you having fun! People often get so worried about staying healthy on holiday that it makes it hard for them to truly relax. Trust me, I’ve been there! If you take away a few of my top tips and you consistently work hard towards your health and fitness goals for the rest of the time, having a more carefree approach to on holiday isn’t going to ruin your progress. In fact, it will allow you to chill out and de stress.


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