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Nike Unlimited You

August 21, 2016

Saturday morning I arrived at The Old Truman Brewery in Brick Lane, East London to take part in Nike’s Unlimited You event that I can only describe as epic. When KOBOX, Barry’s Bootcamp and Nike collide you know you’re in for a treat, but what I experienced exceeded all expectations.

Nike’s event ‘Unlimited You’ ran from Friday 19th of Aug till Sunday 21st, costing only £25 per ticket, this is an absolute bargain when looking at how much is included. Each session lasts 2 hours 30 minute in which you’ll either take part in a full-throttle round with Kobox followed by a Nike Run Club session, or a grueling Barry’s treadmill workout teamed with a Nike Training Club session. I opted for KOBOX and Nike Run Club, which was nothing short of amazing.


Upon arrival something tells me that this wont be a typical workout. Perhaps it’s the atmosphere created by a bespoke soundtrack composed by Hot Chip duo Joe Goddard and Alexis Taylor, or the impressive light installations by Artisan. Either way both combined makes you feel as if you’ve just entered an underground secret training club.



When checking in everyone is given a box filled with a Nike T-shirt to wear for the event, KOBOX boxing wraps, and a pair of Nike trainers to take the first part of the session in. Everything in the box was ours to keep, apart from the trainers (boohoo).



As the music gets more and more intense group KOBOX was called to begin. Our group was lead through the doors into a dark corridor with bass vibrating and flickering neon lights to create more excitement about what’s about to happen. This part of the session reminds me of queuing for a scary ride at a theme park. Within this corridor we are taken through a warm up lead by Nike trainers.


Once the warm up is complete the doors at the bottom of the corridor swung open and we entered a room full of punch bags and a lazer boxing ring, yes you heard, A LAZER BOXING RING!! Amazing! The workout is lead by KOBOX founder Shane Collins with the help of the KOBOX staff, the ultimate dream team.

The workout is tough going through a range of boxing punches and moves providing a full body workout. The final round is were we are told to smash our limits and just go for it, and although feeling exhausted from the workout, the badass playlist allows me to do just that.

After the KOBOX session its time for round two, Nike Run Club. We are all given yet another pair of Nike trainers for this workout and head through to the next room.


This is where Nike once again pulls out another trick. We enter a training room filled with treadmills and in the middle of it is a live Orchestra playing Hot Chip tunes to keep us going. The atmosphere is surreal. The nike trainers take the session putting us through sprints, steep inclines and sprints with inclines (!)


Once the workout is over we all head up to the rooftop to enjoy the views of East London and for some much needed fuel.


Greeted by the Barrys fuel bar filled with their famous protein shakes, Pip & Nut with the most incredible protein pancakes topped with all the nut butter and Maple and Fitz providing nutritious yet delicious salads. All of which is included within the ticket.



All in all it was a great event which was nothing like I’d ever experienced before. Nike, KOBOX and Barry’s Bootcamp, well done, you smashed it!

To find out when the next Nike event is sign up here.

To take a KOBOX class book here.

To take a Barry’s Bootcamp class book here.

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