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New Year, New Goals…

January 2, 2017

It’s a new year full of new opportunities, a chance to start fresh and work towards what you really want to achieve. Every year I write myself a list of resolutions in order to better myself from the previous year. This year I have decided to continue this but also include a few goals that I would like to achieve by the end of 2017. I’ve decided to share them with you, in the hope that if I put them out there into the world, I really have to stick to them! If you haven’t already made yours I hope mine inspire you to make some 2017 resolutions and goals of your own.

So here they are…

Run a sub 4 hour marathon

This is my big goal for 2017. I managed to get a space on the London Marathon this year and want to achieve a sub 4-hour time. I love running but I’ve never taken on this length of a challenge before. In order to achieve the time I want I’m going to have to train hard and make sure I stick to the training plan that’s been mapped out.

Read before bed

Reading more was a new years resolution that I gave myself last year and I can proudly say I achieved it. This year I want to try and switch off my phone when I get into bed and just read. I always find myself scrolling mindlessly through social media for hours before I manage to get some sleep. I’m hoping that by switching off my phone and spending a bit of time reading I’ll not only have a better nights sleep but also help me carry on reading more.

Post on my blog once a week

I started my blog summer of 2016 and I really want to make progress with it this year. After starting my full time job I struggled to post but I’m determined to set aside time every Sunday to write a blog post. I’m going to achieve this by planning my blogs ahead of time.

Improve my boxing technique

2016 was the year I fell in love with boxing, 2017 will be the year I perfect my technique. I take classes at KOBOX every week and its definitely one of the most fun and effective ways to train and keep fit. Changing up my style of training more last year has really helped me achieve a more toned and lean body. This year I really want to nail my boxing technique. I’m going to do this by keeping up my KOBOX classes and once I’ve completed my marathon training in April, and have a bit more time on my hands, I want to try and get in a few one-on-one sessions to get it up to scratch.

Happy new year everyone, lets make 2017 the best one yet!


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